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Music resource arrives in Brazil on Instagram and Facebook Stories

If you have a habit of seeing the Stories of your friends in Instagram (and follows at least some people who live or are outside of Brazil), you may have come across the following warning in certain posts: “Instagram Music is not available in your region”. Now you can start saying goodbye to him.

Facebook today announced that the features of music we Stories from Instagram and Facebook itself are finally coming to Brazil. This will allow you to add music to your instant (lyrics) posts on both networks, or even associate your Facebook profile with a special song in your life (or whatever).

We Stories, you can add music with the new sticker for the feature: just type to search for the desired song and then select the snippet you want to highlight in your post. If the song in question has lyrics registered on the platform, you can display them on the Story, formatting them the way you want. In addition, the Stories of your friends with music can finally be heard in Brazil, of course.

Already on Facebook, it will also be possible to add music to Stories (albeit without the lyrics feature), and we still have a live streaming feature called Lip Sync Live: Here you can select a song to play during streaming, so that you accompany with your own singing.

Finally, you can also associate a song with your Facebook profile, so that it will be on display in the basic information part about you. Anyone looking at your profile will be able to hear a preview of the song on Facebook itself or open it directly on your music platform. streaming favorite to listen to it completely.

The music news from Facebook / Instagram is already being released to all Brazilians on iOS and Android. Enjoy!

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via Tecnoblog