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MuseScore – Create and edit sheet music with this free program

Create, read and edit sheet music for free with this program for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux

If you are looking to broaden your knowledge in the music field knowing how to read sheet music is very important and also useful, if you are also writing your own symphony it may also be very interesting to create the sheet music so that it can be reproduced in the future. more people, for all this MuseScore can help you.

MuseScore for Linux

Unleash the Ludwig van Beethoven in you!

MuseScore is a very interesting program for studying music and for those who already want to write music by computer, suitable for beginners and advanced users alike. The program is compatible with the three major platforms, Linux, Mac OSX and Windows.


Virtually all Linux distributions have the package musescore in your repositories, then search the Application Center for your respective district.

There is a manual for system installation on the project download page, click here to access, however users of Ubuntu, Linux Mint and derivatives can install by copying and pasting the command below into the terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: mscore-ubuntu / mscore-stable -y && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install musescore -y

The difference between using the above PPA and directly downloading the version that is in the repositories may be the software update, the PPA version always tends to be at the latest stable version.

Check out a software demo

See you next time!

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