Multilaser Liv brings affordable price to the connected home

Multilaser Liv brings affordable price to the connected home

New Multilaser Liv line offers Brazilian technology at an affordable price for those who want to make their home more "smart"

Last Wednesday (20), the Multilaser announced what should be one of its main releases this year: the new product line Multilaser Liv, developed for users who want to make their home smarter.

A trend in the technology market in recent years is the segment of connected homes, which has been growing steadily in consumer interest, and the new line Liv represents the arrival of the Brazilian Multilaser in this segment. According Bruno Gouva, line director Liv gives Multilaser, these brand new products aim to bring safety and comfort to consumers through the connectivity of their homes, and all this using Brazilian technology offered at an affordable price.

Multilaser Liv Line

Multilaser Liv Smart Lamp The Multilaser Liv line offers several products to make your home more "smart", such as a lamp that you can change the color of the light emitted through an app (Image: Multilaser)

With 14 new products, the line Multilaser Liv represents the most complete portfolio of a brand in Brazil for the connected home segment, with varied solutions such as security cameras, electronic gatekeepers, lamps, remote controls, socket plugs, sensors, sirens, switches and biometric locks. All of these products can be interconnected via your home or business Wi-Fi network, and they are all integrated and can be controlled by Alexa, the virtual assistant of Amazon. The connected devices on the line Multilaser Liv only:

Wi-Fi devices

  • HD Smart Doorphone Video
  • Rob Smart Full HD Camera
  • Full HD Smart External Camera
  • Full HD Smart Indoor Camera
  • Full Intelligent Portable Camera

Wi-Fi devices compatible with Amazon Alexa:

  • Dimmable Color Smart LED Lamp
  • Universal Intelligent Remote Control
  • Smart Aperture Sensor
  • Intelligent Presence Sensor
  • Smart Socket Plug
  • Intelligent Alarm Siren
  • Smart Biometric Lock
  • Intelligent Actuator For Lighting Switch
  • Smart Switch 1 Key

One of the highlights Multilaser Liv Smart Socket Plug. This plug has a button that allows you to turn on and off any electronic device that is connected to it by pressing this button. And with the use of the application Multilaser LivIt is also possible to connect or disconnect the device connected to the plug remotely, schedule which times the device connected there can work, and even generate graphs that indicate the power consumption of that outlet per day, month and year.

Another highlight Universal Smart Remote Control Multilaser Liv, which replaces all other remote controls in the house and allows you to control all your electronics with just one device. Thus, it is possible to use the same control to control the air temperature, change channels on the TV or turn on the stereo. This control can be done through any smartphone by the application Multilaser Liv or by voice commands, if the Universal Intelligent Remote Control is connected to any device using the virtual assistant Alexa.

multilaser liv With the Multilaser Liv doorphone, you can safely know who is in front of your house without having to approach the door (Image: Multilaser)

A third highlight of the line Multilaser Liv Smart Portable Camera. Developed for use in residential and commercial environments, this camera works entirely on battery, and does not need any wire to be installed, which allows it to be placed anywhere you want to monitor. If the camera detects movement in the monitored location, it automatically sends a notification to the configured cell number, and it is possible to use the application Multilaser Liv to do a live monitoring of what the camera is recording.

In addition to these three highlights, all 14 products in the line Liv can be controlled through the app Multilaser Liv, which can be downloaded free of charge both at Google Play Store for smartphones Android how much in App Store for appliances iOS. This application is necessary for the complete use of all the functions of the new devices of the Multilaser, and it is necessary to make your home fully connected.

The appliances of the new line Multilaser Liv for connected homes, they can already be found in the country's main stores, both in physical stores and in their online versions, as well as on Multilaser's own website.