MSIX, Microsoft's new format that will be compatible with Linux

Microsoft's new packaging format aims to be multiplatform and thus make the life of devs easier to package your app.

In March of last year (2018), Microsoft announced, on Developer Day, its newest type of program packaging, MSIX. At first this new package will be to make life easier for devs who want to send their programs to the Microsoft Store, but from the carriage floor may come other platforms such as Linux.  MSIX, Microsoft's new format that will be compatible with Linux

According to Microsoft, the new format will allow better deployment of features such as Win32, Wpf and Winform. A recurring complaint from developers.

The MSIX SDK is already available on Microsoft's official GitHub and you can check it out via this link.

O MSIX It works with continer technology such as Snap and Flatpak, thus being isolated from the rest of the system, allowing programs to be updated or uninstalled without affecting the rest of the system.

How SDK however, developers will be able to distribute your app across all platforms and not just depend on Microsoft Store. Today there are 3 (three) major file formats in Windows: EXE, AppX it's the MSI. With the ability to distribute outside the Microsoft Store, devs will be able to make their products compatible with iOS, macOS, Android and Linux and even older versions of Windows. In the video below they explain better how it will work.

As we can see, the process uses continers, the same technology used in the famous Snaps and Flatpaks, headed by Canonical (Ubuntu) and IBM / Red Hat (Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise), now being implemented by another industry giant, Microsoft. .

We cannot rule out that in the very near future, Microsoft products will reach the penguin planet using this format, such as Office for example. Or even the new version of the Edge browser, as it will come with the Chromium engine.

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