MSI demonstrates external GPU with Thunderbolt technology at CES 2012

Ok, finally something interesting about Thunderbolt at CES 2012 that has nothing to do with data storage solutions: 1, 2.

MSI is demonstrating the GUS II, a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit, or external Graphics Processing Unit) equipped with the interface created by Intel.

MSI GUS II - GPU with Thunderbolt

The annoying thing is that, even when connected to a MacBook Pro in the demo, GUS II for now only works on Windows.

Developing support for these GPUs in the Mac world does not seem to be very complicated, but it does not exist today.

Internally, it has a PCIe slot but without auxiliary outside connectors, which can be a certain limiter for certain types of cards.

GUS II does not yet have a defined price or forecast of reaching the market, but it is certainly very promising.

(via AnandTech)