Mozilla Petitions Apple to Update Advertiser Records Monthly

I always hit here the key of how proud Apple is regarding its policies of privacy, although at some points the company may still improve greatly. THE Mozilla seems to agree with me: the community recently launched a petition for Ma to pioneer a key change in the matter.

On its website, the organization warns of a identifier which “lives” on every iPhone and lets advertisers know indefinitely about all the advertisements the user clicks, all the videos they watch, and all the apps they install. Mozilla's simple request: She wants Apple to change the operation of this identifier so that it is restarted every month, preventing advertisers from tracking her in the long run.

The petition text itself reminds us that users can restart this identifier anytime you want (on iOS, just go to Settings Privacy Advertising), but in practice the vast majority of users are unaware of this possibility or even of the existence of such an element.

Mozilla adds that with this monthly replay solution, users can still receive relevant advertisements and advertisers can still direct their efforts, but without significant damage for the privacy and security of people.

O AppleInsider, in opposition to Mozilla's petition, recalled that Apple does not provide this user data to any external advertisers, but only processes the information so that it is used to target advertisements on the App Store and Apple News.

If that makes you reassure, great; otherwise it is a good idea to sign the group's petition. Privacy, after all, never too much, really?

via MacRumors