Mozilla launches new browser for Android


Entitled Firefox Preview, the new application of the fire fox, aimed at web browsing on Android, is in a pilot phase. The curious that the list of browsers web from Mozilla for Android, s grows. There are several programs: Firefox, Firefox Focus, Firefox Lite and finally Firefox Preview.

With a completely redesigned minimalist user interface, the new browser promises to be up to 2 times faster than its predecessors and not as dependent on Google. This is because the new navigation engine of Mozilla's own Preview, GeckoView. Previously the engine used was Chromium's Blink, used in Google Chrome and other browsers based on it. Other Mozilla applications were already using GeckoView, such as Firefox Reality and Firefox Focus. This choice allows the use of their own APIs and greater control.

While all other major Android browsers today are based on Blink, thus reflecting Google's mobile device decisions, Firefox's GeckoView engine ensures us and our users are independent., stated to Mozilla on its official blog.

Firefox Preview the future of Firefox on mobile

The competitiveness between Firefox and Chrome becomes more fierce, allowing the user more choice, rather than more. Firefox Preview by default blocks crawlers. This enables faster browsing, as these segmented advertisements will not influence page load time. Firefox Mobile's senior product manager, Vesta zareconcludes:

Speed ​​improvements are driven in large part by the comprehensive crawl protection that is enabled by default in Firefox Preview.

Mozilla wants to delete the old app Firefox for Android, so Firefox Preview occupies its current position. At the moment the app It does not have the Portuguese language, however, this did not hinder my use, because the intuitive interface.

A little bit of Firefox Preview

When launching the browser for the first time, initial settings are indicated to be made, such as: connecting to the Firefox service (allowing history access, bookmarks, passwords across platforms), theme.


The ability to disable tracker lock, indicative of anonymous browsing and the privacy term.


Something that caught my eye was the location of the search bar (or URL). It is at the bottom of the app, and browsing using only one hand, very comfortable and affordable.


Viewing open tabs and adding new ones is also very intuitive.


During the navigation I did not identify any bugs or slow, however, be warned that the app It does not have all the options compared to its predecessor. Let's say the main ones the people use are all there. Of course, that in a general way, of course over time, new features will compose the app.

firefox-preview-android-app-app-google-play-store Mozilla wants to delete the old app Firefox for Android and focus on Preview development and maturity if you're interested in testing the browser, visit this link. It take you directly to Google Play Store.

Have you tested Firefox Preview? I hope this is no longer a app Firefox to be discontinued, after all, the more competition the better.

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