Mozilla is not concerned with Google Browser

According to blog information GigaOM, Mozilla Corp., which recently received a new contribution of financial resources to keep Google as the default search engine, he showed no apparent concerns about the birth of Google Chrome.

According to John Lilly, CEO of Mozilla, the company will collaborate with Google in several aspects in addition to having a financial relationship. “There is a new browser that makes the world even more competitive. Of course we will be competing ”commented Lilly.

Lilly further pointed out that most other browser vendors like Microsoft, Apple and Google have other missions. For Mozilla, Firefox is the only work order. “Our goal is to do the best on the web – our only mission,” says Lilly.

With more than 200 million users worldwide and a volunteer development, Lilly says he is not concerned about Chrome at the moment. “I really don’t know how it will impact us,” he says.