Movie of the week: buy “The Mirror” for just $ 3!

Movie of the week: buy “The Mirror” for just $ 3!

In addition to App of the week, every Thursday Apple chooses a Movie of the week, whose purchase is only $ 3. The title selected this time was The mirror.

Check out his trailer:

Here's what Apple says about the movie:

Tim has just left a hospice, but his sister Kaylie has invited a strange element to their reunion: the baroque mirror that she blames for all of her terrible childhood experiences. Is she struggling with her own trauma-induced madness or is the mirror actually a force of evil thirsty for blood and chaos? The reality seems to be frighteningly true, while hallucinations full of disturbed spirits make us question sanity. If you look in a mirror you will never be the same.

As usual, our reader Renato Alan Promenzio (@tripalavra), who is a cardholder, also was willing to send us a personalized comment about the film:

The Mirror crowns a sequence of horror films that Apple has been making available to its customers in recent weeks. I don't consider it a masterpiece, but it serves the public well; its script / story is simple and well outlined. In addition, the film tries to raise the career of the young actor Brenton Thwaites, who can be seen in "Malvola" and more recently in Gods of Egypt in theaters.

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Movie - The Mirror

The mirror

In Interprid Pictures

Rating: 16 yearsGender: I stay scientific and fantasyRelease: 2014Duration: 1h42Size: 3.92 GB (HD) or 1.53 GB (SD)

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