Movie of the week: buy "Resurrection" with Joseph Fiennes for $ 3!

Movie of the week: buy "Resurrection" with Joseph Fiennes for $ 3!

In addition to Free app of the week, every Thursday Apple chooses a Movie of the week, whose purchase is for $ 3. The title selected this time was Resurrection, with Joseph Fiennes.

Check out his trailer:

Here's what Apple says about the movie:

Director Kevin Reynolds' idea of ​​presenting a police investigation into the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ (Cliff Curtis). The film accompanies a Roman Catholic skeptic (Joseph Fiennes) sent by Pontius Pilate (Peter Firth) to demystify the disappearance of the body of Jesus Christ, seen as a miracle by his followers. The filmmaker captures the viewer with a realistic atmosphere and gives a new angle to a story so well known.

As usual, our reader Renato Alan Promenzio (@tripalavra), who is a cardholder, also sent us a personalized comment about the film:

Coincidentally, I watched this movie recently. I was impressed with some scenes, as they portray some of the moments of the death of Jesus Christ. Nothing compared to the Passion of Christ, after all, are films with different proposals. The protagonist Joseph Fiennes worked very well, although he always made his characters very similar. Recalling that he had a meteoric beginning in Shakespeare in Love, then only secondary or average roles. I find it interesting for those who like the theme or are interested in a new perspective.

Enjoy! 😀

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Rating: 12 yearsGender: to and adventureRelease: 2016Duration: 1h47Size: 4.52 GB (HD) or 2.05 GB (SD)

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