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Movie of the week: buy “Operation Invasion” for just $ 3!

In addition to App of the week, every Thursday Apple chooses a Movie of the week, whose purchase is only $ 3. The title selected this time was Invasion Operation.

Check out his trailer:

Here's what Apple says about the movie:

Movie cult all over the world and created by an international team of directors, Operao Invaso presents very choreographed martial arts fight scenes with an engaging story full of tense moments. The film, for various reasons, is a somewhat affectionate return to ancient Asian martial arts films from the 1960s and 1970s, a time when action sequences involved punches, fists and feet instead of computer-generated images and special effects. However, the tension created throughout the film and, at times, outbursts of violence are in tune with today's action and horror films. As in a very well made video game, Operao Invaso has a very simple script and an atmospheric location (an apartment building in Jakarta) that takes emotion and excitement to almost unbelievable levels. Actors Iko Uwais (a police officer who does not give in to corruption) and Yayan Ruhian (in the role of a wild madman) choreographed the fight scenes with Scottish-born director Gareth Evans, using Indonesian martial art Pencak Silat.

As usual, our reader Renato Alan Promenzio (@tripalavra), who is a cardholder, was also willing to send us a personalized comment about the film:

O Movie of the week it comes from Indonesia which is very interesting, since oriental cinema always brings us great adventures. AND The Raid (its original title) is no different and that is why it attracted Sony, which bought its rights after the Toronto festival where it was acclaimed. What did Sony do? He called on Mike Shinoda (from the band Linkin Park) and Jose Trepanese to create a new soundtrack, taking into account the action and drama of the production. The result was very interesting and worth checking out. Final note: an American adaptation of the film is being developed, let's wait.


Movie - Invasion Operation

Invasion Operation

Stadium: PT Merantau FilmsRating: 16 yearsGender: to and adventureRelease: 2012Duration: 1h40Size: 4.24 GB (HD) or 1.58 GB (SD)

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