Movie of the week: buy “Deadpool”, with Ryan Reynolds, for R $ 9.90!

Movie of the week: buy “Deadpool”, with Ryan Reynolds, for R $ 9.90!

Every Thursday Apple chooses a Movie of the week at the iTunes Store, whose purchase (even in 4K / HDR, depending on the production) R $ 9.90. The title selected this time was "Deadpool", with Ryan Reynolds.

Check out his trailer:

Here's what Apple says about the movie:

"Deadpool" may not be the first adult superhero movie, but the one that most takes advantage of the freedom provided by the highest rating. Director Tim Miller shows maturity in his first feature, creating spectacular action scenes and exciting intimate moments. However, the big surprise is the star Ryan Reynolds in the role of the talkative mercenary of Marvel. The gal divests himself of any vanity and still helps in the script full of references and dirty jokes that adorn Deadpool's revenge journey against those who left him deformed and immortal.

As usual, our reader Renato Alan Promenzio (@tripalavra), who is a cardholder, also sent us a personalized comment about the film:

"Deadpool" is a hit from audiences, critics and box office. He was nominated for a Golden Globe, recently continued (with four times the budget) and is going further and further in all directions (there is talk of spinoffs and a third film in 2020). Sarcastically, with a lot of black humor, Ryan Reynolds fought for four years to get the film produced and, before everything worked out, invested with the director in a short film that can be seen here. I highly recommend the purchase!

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To those interested, enjoy! 😀