MOTU presents video capture card equipped with the Thunderbolt interface

The year promises for Thunderbolt, really: things started out lukewarm at CES 2012, but then came the external GPU from MSI and now MOTU presented the HDX-SDI, a video capture card equipped with the Intel interface.

MOTU HDX-SDI with Thunderbolt

With HDX-SDI, your Mac / PC becomes a professional SD / HD video production station, with everything an editor needs to capture and monitor multimedia content.

Advanced features abound, and the device is all designed in a metal frame perfect for racks, with removable arms for better desktop operation.

MOTU HDX-SDI with Thunderbolt

HDX-SDI reaches the North American market in the spring of the Northern Hemisphere, still without a defined price.

(tip from Rogerio A.

Oliveira, via AIR Users Blog)