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Motorsport Manager 2, by Christian West, is the continuation of one of the best sports team management games for iOS.

Build your own racing team and make all the most important decisions. Choose drivers, assemble the team, develop your car and plan your way to glory.

BUILD YOUR RACING LEGACYGuide your team from the entry level of the European Racing Series to the top of the World Racing Championship.

A CONSTANT AND EVOLVING WORLDThe game world changes as you grow with each season. Teams go up and down. Pilots get better, age and retire. Dynamic contract negotiations and smart opponents will always keep you on your toes.

DECISIONS IN SECONDSYou may have the best car in the competition, but success is won or lost on race day. Will your strategy win the race, or will a poorly chosen tire end in disaster?

MORE DEPTH THAN EVER With individual car parts design, engine modes, extra tire compounds, more aerodynamics options, an extended sponsor system and more, Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 offers hours and hours of deep, strategic and exciting gameplay.

An incredible game, enjoy! ?

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