Motorola wants to make the next Google Nexus

Google never said that the partnership for the development of the Nexus One was exclusive with HTC and the CEO of Motorola has now confirmed that it is working with the Internet giant, and main sponsor of the Android operating system, to create a terminal that will be sold directly to consumers, without necessarily passing through the network of mobile operators.

Sanjay Jha, Motorola’s CEO, confirmed the information that was already part of the rumors at the end of last week, guaranteeing that the phone will be sold later this year, together with another 20 smartphones that the North American brand wants to launch, all with the Android operating system.

In early January, Motorola had started marketing Motoroi, the first Android 2.0 smartphone officially available in South Korea.

No details are known about the “Nexus Two” or the differentiation that can be made from the Nexus One, but some speculate that the next phone will have a sliding keyboard. In January, at CES, Motorola presented several models of smartphones that give clues to an approach to the concept.

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Confirmation that Motorola will develop the next Nexus may not be very positive for Portuguese users as the latest news reports the company’s divestment in the Portuguese mobile phone market.

Jornal i had advanced that the company is preparing to withdraw from the market after three years of declines in sales that made it hold just 1% market share and do not sell more than 20 thousand mobile phones per quarter.