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Motorola: the worst manufacturer when it comes to updating Lollipop?

The staff of Android power decided to create a scoring system to rate manufacturers for performance in delivering the Android 5.0 Lollipop update to their devices in the United States. To my great surprise, Motorola was last placed. Below you will find the criteria of this classification and the reasons that led the Lenovo company to a D uppercase!

Criteria for the score took into account the time it took for manufacturers 'flagships to be updated (60%), the time it took for previous generations of manufacturers' flagships to be updated (30%), the The general way the manufacturer informed users about the upgrade process of their devices (10%). Finally, I need to say that we considered only the update for Android version 5.0, released on November 3 by Google, and only for devices available in the United States. In addition, a sub-score was also used to determine the time in days that companies took to deliver Lollipop, where "A +" equals "1-14 days" and F to "166-180 days".

Below you can see the result of the ranking of the top five Android device manufacturers, as well as Google itself:

Current flagship update
Previous flagship update






60/60 points 30/30 points 5/10 points A (95%)
51.6 / 60 points 23.7 / 30 points 10/10 points B (85%)
47.4 / 60 points 20.7 / 30 points 0/10 points D + (68%)
41.4 / 60 points 19.8 / 30 points 6/10 points D + (67%)
47.4 / 60 points for Galaxy S5 and 43.2 / 60 points for Galaxy Note 4 19.8 / 30 points for Galaxy S5 and 21.6 / 30 points for Galaxy Note 4 0/10 points D (66%)
60/60 points 0/30 points 5/10 points D (65%)

Why is Motorola the manufacturer with the worst rating?

Looking at the table above, even considering the national Android mobile device market, despite the manufacturer's incredibly rapid Moto X 2014 upgrade, the delay in delivering Lollipop to the Moto X 2013 proves Motorola's Achilles heel around the globe. . In addition, as was well mentioned in the original article of this rating, the company was going a long way in communicating with users until Moto X 2013 stalled on Android 4.4.4, when Motorola was silent until ten. days ago, when the company's product manager spoke up on Google+ about it.

And a, do you agree with this classification? In your opinion, which manufacturer best handled the delivery of the latest version of Android and which one was the worst? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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