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Motorola releases Android 2.1 for Milestone

At the beginning of the month, the operator Vivo released to customers who own the Motorola Milestone, version 2.1 of the Android operating system.

Today, in response to the wishes of users who purchased the standalone device, Motorola announced that it has made available, and its website, version 2.1 of the OS for all Milestone owners.

Among the advantages of version 2.1, we can highlight:

  • New version Google Maps already shipped, with multitouch;
  • Possibility to set Google Maps as a wallpaper;
  • Google Latitude and World Time widget;
  • Battery management application, already configured by default. That is, it is already working in order to optimize the use of the battery;
  • Possibility to configure number of screens (3, 5, 7 or 9) of the home screen;
  • Support for animated wallpapers;
  • What's new in the camera application: new interface with on-screen commands; Widescreen Picture mode; optimization for types of scenes, photos and effects;
  • New 3D image gallery, now also with the possibility to send photos to Picasa;
  • Device lock using the PIN code;
  • Portuguese word corrector.

The update can be done on the Motorola or clicking on here.

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