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Motorola Moto Body is now available on the Google Play Store!

In November 2014, Motorola made the Moto Body app available to Moto 360 users. After 10 months, the app that monitors users’ physical activities now reaches the Google Play Store. The application is not exclusive for Motorola users, and can be installed on devices running Android version 4.3 or higher.

As stated above, this is not an exclusive Motorola application, however it can only be used in full with Android Wear on the first and second generation Moto 360. Using Moto Body and smartwatch it is possible to check the data of your cardiovascular activities, steps and calorie burning, for example. All statistics can be viewed in daily, weekly, monthly or even annual charts.

moto body app motorola 2

Moto Body must be used in conjunction with Moto 360. / © ANDROIDPIT

Using Moto Body and the Moto 360 watch you can do just about anything you would do with Google Fit, but with an improved interface and new features. Among the functions of Moto Body, I highlight the following:

  • Monitor cardiovascular activities, steps, calorie burn and distance;
  • Measure heart rate;
  • Monitor progress over the days;
  • Receive tips on how to achieve your goals.
moto body app features

The functions of Motorola’s activity monitoring service are similar to those of Google Fit. / © ANDROIDPIT

On my Gear Live, I use Google Fit as a standard, but honestly, I’m not the type of person who owns a smartwatch for sports or to monitor my cardiovascular activities or the distance I have covered in a day. In fact, I believe that this fitness trend has not captivated me yet. However, I see Samsung’s S Health as a more complete and mature service. Motorola now supports the use of the application in conjunction with Android Wear and its Moto 360, and this could lead to other companies becoming more dedicated to their related applications, as Sony’s LifeLog, for example, wants to do a full coverage of my activities, but ends up not doing the basics well.

Apparently, you can only use the app together with Moto 360, any of the generations, which really limits the use of the app, unfortunately. If you own Moto 360 and downloaded the new app from the Play Store, share your first impressions in the comments below.