Motorola Milestone, we tested the Motorola robot!

I owe you this review for a few weeks but I finally managed to get some time to compile all of my tests and analyzes on this powerful Motorola smartphone. Launched in Brazil in 2009, at the beginning of December, Milestone is the second device from the American company to come equipped with the Android platform, in this case, version 2.0.

Unlike the models that are on the market, Milestone presents a more robust look, with metallic parts and a huge screen (3.7 ”) to be very envious. Another very interesting point is the physical QWERTY keyboard that comes attached to the device, and which according to Motorola, presents the thinnest design launched today. In terms of weight, Milestone surprises: the light device (165g), although the look tries to pass the opposite.

Returning to the external details of the device, and as usual in the line of devices with Android, Milestone presents its navigation buttons next to the screen (or below, depending on the use), allowing you to go back, access menus, return to the home screen or perform universal search in a quick and intuitive way. The model also comes equipped with a 5MP camera (sample photo), with built-in flash, 4x zoom and DVD quality video recording (30 fps – video sample).

Following a different line from other models, the Milestone battery has a good service life when charged, it was relatively easy to keep the device active on the 3G network for almost two days, without any need for additional charge. The speed of the device is also surprising, the opening of the programs is quick and the internet surfing is very convenient. Equipped with 8GB of storage, the device features a large space for photos, videos, music and more.

Without the presence of Motoblur – a social interface created by Motorola and present in the Dext and Backflip models – Milestone offers a very similar user interface to the standard of the Android platform, which includes a small button on the footer for the display and access to installed applications. . By using a newer version of Android, Milestone users can take advantage of Google Goggles and Maps Navigation (not yet available in Brazil – according to a statement from Motorola to Google Discovery).

With the delay in launching the Google Nexus One for Brazil, Motorola Milestone remains the only model in the Brazilian market to bring one of the latest versions of the Android platform. And you, are you prepared to take control of this robot? =)

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