Motorola Krave

Motorola introduces Krave… the touchscreen phone and cover

Motorola yesterday presented a mobile phone that it christens as the first mobile phone on the market to combine two attributes: touch screen and cover. The equipment is an exclusive for the American Verizon Wireless sold at just over 100 euros with a two-year loyalty contract and is an effort by both companies to react to the success of the iPhone.

The Krave ZN4 is not Motorola’s first adventure in the segment of touchscreen phones, as the company has marketed for years a model with these characteristics in the Chinese market, called Ming. In the United States, however, the bet has been on phones with a physical keyboard.

The first opinions about the equipment point it as a good portable television device, but criticize the lack of interesting applications.

Like the other equipment that has flooded the market in this new product range, multimedia features are a central aspect.

Mobile television is one of those features, as well as video capabilities, compatibility with the Rhapsody music service and operator-specific services for viewing and downloading multimedia content.

Remember that in the United States the iPhone is sold exclusively by Verizon Wireless’ main competitor, AT&T.

Motorola Krave