Motorola can launch Moto AI smart speaker [Rumor]

Updated 08/19/2018: Apparently this is the Baidu AI Speaker released in China. The AndroidPure site said that this device on the Chinese site of Motorola is a new product.

THE Motorola would be developing a smart speaker called Moto AI, which initially would be exclusive to the Chinese market. According to the website Android Central, the device would use the operating system Baidu DuerOS and his virtual assistant, instead of popular alternatives in the west like Google Assistant and the Amazon Alexa.

As the standard for all such devices, Moto AI would help the user ask about news, weather, music streaming and other things using voice commands.

Also according to the news, the smart speaker will have integrations with services from companies like Lifesmart, Haier and others. The gadget will weigh 280g, have a diameter of 90mm and support Bluetooth and Wifi.

Moto AI will also bring a child mode that will be activated automatically as soon as the device detects that a child is giving the commands to it.

The category of smart speakers was popularized after the launch of Amazon Echo, which was also the device that launched the virtual assistant Alexa. Soon after, Google capitalized on this success with Home, which was driven by the company's AI assistant.

From a technical point of view, Moto AI will use an ARM Cortex-A53 processor, which is just a core of those used in input and intermediate smartphones. It is important to note, however, that such a device usually processes much less data than a mobile phone.

Via: Android Central. [TagsToTranslate] motorola