Motorola and BlackBerry phones blacklisted for radiation

More than 1000 mobile phones have been classified by the Environmental Working Group in relation to the radiation emitted, in a measure that aims to help consumers to protect themselves from these emissions. the list was published yesterday and places several models from Motorola and RIM at the top of the equipment with the highest radiation emission.

The non-profit environmental advocacy group stresses that the links between radiation emission from mobile phones and harmful health effects are not yet conclusive, but advises users to take measures to protect themselves by using more text messages using headset and away from the phone when there is little network coverage.

“We would like to be able to say that mobile phones are safe […] But we can not. The most recent scientific studies, although not conclusive, raise serious doubts about the cancer risk related to the use of mobile phones that should be addressed in future analyzes. In the meantime, consumers must take steps to reduce their exposure “, explains Olga Naidenko, PhD and senior scientist at the Environmental Working Group.

According to data compiled by this environmental group, five Motorola mobile phones appear on the list of those that emit the most radiation, as well as two RIM devices, the Blackberry Curve 8330 and the Blackberry Curve 9000. The models analyzed refer naturally to those they are marketed in the United States, and the organization also points out the operators through which they are sold.

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Among the “safest” Samsung Impression (SGH-a877) comes in first, but there are four more models of the Korean brand on the list. A Motorola mobile phone, the Karma QA1, also ranks in the top 10 for emitting less radiation.

The Environmental Working Group also made available a free online tool that allows users to check the emission levels of their equipment.

The group also recommends that more information be released to consumers as this is an issue that raises many doubts at a time when about 60% of the world population is a subscriber to mobile services.

In the United States there is no specific legislation in this area yet, but several countries, including Germany, Israel, France and the United Kingdom, have already issued warnings about the use of mobile phones, especially by children who have a skull more permeable to radiation.

Fatima Hunter