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Moto Razr: Users who already have the Motorola foldable smartphone report problems with its hinge

Moto Razr: Users who already have the Motorola folding smartphone report problems with their folding

Do you know that maxim that says "the good thing is to learn from the mistakes of others" ?! Well, it seems that Motorola did not remember the bad times that Samsung went through in 2019 with its foldable smartphone.

Incidentally, he even recalled, after all he postponed the official launch of the Motorola Razr twice, once because of the above-expected demand and once, well, we don't know the reason for the second delay.

The pre-sale that started on February 26th can still be carried out, however, now, days before reaching the hands of its happy users, two videos shown on two different Twitter accounts seem to bring news not so good.

Especially after Motorola itself launched a series of videos on its official channel talking about the product and especially the care that should be taken with the Moto Razr.

The noisy hinge news was first reported by Max Weinbach of XDA, who visited a point of sale to see the device.

And then it was confirmed by TechnoBuffalo's Nirave Gondhia, who had just received his personal device.

While both units display noises when the hinge is open or closed, there is a difference between the two sounds. At the moment, it is not clear whether this is a widespread problem or if it is only in those initial lots. Anyway, Nirave comments that the noise appeared after a day of use. I understand that as soon as he started using the Motorola folding smartphone the noise was non-existent but it soon appeared.

Something is certain that, at a cost of $ 1,499, the Moto Razr is not exactly cheap, especially when you consider its intermediate specifications and the relatively small battery. As such, the only thing you would expect would be to see exquisite build quality.

The year 2019 should be the year of the foldable smartphone, but that didn't really happen thanks to the launch of Samsung's Galaxy Fold with several design flaws that resulted in a delayed relaunch and the launch only in China of Huawei's Mate X.

The question remains, did Motorola accelerate the launch of the Moto Razr to arrive in front of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which should be launched on February 11?

Whatever the reason for the noise at the Moto Razr hinge, it seems difficult to open and close with one hand, as we used to do with the original flip phones of the past.

Now wait to see what Motorola will comment on these detected problems and if there is a further delay in the order of units purchased in the pre-sale.

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