Moto Maxx: 5 Great Usage Tips

Moto Maxx is without doubt one of the best devices of the moment. With a few simple adjustments, however, it can get even better. Check out our tips on using this device premium from Motorola and get the most out of your smartphone!

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Get the most out of your Moto Maxx with these simple tips and tricks! / ANDROIDPIT

1. Choose the default messaging application

Android 4.4 KitKat has established Hangouts as the default messaging app for Android devices. Motorola, however, has opted for a native service. If you want to go back to Hangouts, just select "Configure> More> Standard SMS App". On this screen you will be able to choose your favorite app to send text messages.

Moto maxx sms
Choosing the default messaging app. / ANDROIDPIT

2. Change font size

What is the benefit of having a 5.2 inch diagonal screen smartphone if you have to strive to read the small texts? In Moto Maxx it is possible to increase the font size with a very simple adjustment tip. All you have to do is "Setup> Screen> Font Size". You find the options small, normal, big and huge.

Moto Maxx source
Changing the font size in Moto Maxx. / ANDROIDPIT

3. Add a password or PIN lock screen

This safety tip is essential. In the event that Maxx is lost or stolen, no one wants their private data to be accessed by strangers. To make your lock screen more secure, go to "Setup> Security> Screen Lock". In this screen you will have the options to set a PIN, a password and also the unlock by drawing or face recognition.

Moto Maxx Password Lock
Creating a PIN or password to unlock Moto Maxx / ANDROIDPIT

4. Activate the Alert Screen

This feature is a favorite among Moto X users, and has also been integrated with Moto Maxx. The Alert Screen keeps the display on while you are looking at it. When you stop looking, the screen gets a little darker and then goes out completely. To enable the Alert Screen, go to "Setup> Display> Alert Screen> Stay On". An essential tip also to save battery!

Moto Maxx Alert Screen
Activating the Moto Maxx Alert Screen. / ANDROIDPIT

5. Customize the Moto Voice

This is one of the cool software features developed by Motorola. In "Configure> Moto> Voice"You can customize the phrase that activates your Moto Maxx by having it respond to voice commands with the screen off. The device recognizes your voice, and obeys only your orders. You can also create a phrase to unlock the smartphone if there is anything that cannot be done with the screen off.

Moto Maxx Moto Voice
Customizing Moto Maxx voice commands. / ANDROIDPIT

Do you know other cool Moto Maxx tips? The best will be added to this article!

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