Moto G8 Power regains Moto G prestige

Moto G 8 Power (right) is the best option to buy on the Moto G line

Moto G 8 Power (right) is the best option to buy on the Moto G line

At the end of 2019, Motorola anticipated the launch of its Moto G8 line with two models (G8 Plus and G8 Play). Now the manufacturer has completed the family with two other devices, the Moto G8 and Moto G8 Power, a model we have evaluated in this text. Although the G8 Plus (tested in November) and the G8 Power have very similar configurations, this period of time made a huge difference in Motorola releases.

The Moto G8 Plus had slow problems and a camera that did not deliver results according to the brand's promises. Some of these issues have been resolved on the Moto G8 Power and others have just been removed from the product. The product is already sold for the suggested price of R $ 1,599 and is a better option to buy on the Moto G line.

Settings and design

The main difference in the configuration of the Moto G8 Power is the battery: the smartphone has a charging capacity of 5,000 mAH, one of the largest available today in an intermediate device. The battery is the main highlight of the device, reaching 12 hours of use with 42% charge remaining. Under more moderate conditions of use, it is possible to reach two days with the Moto G8 Power out of the socket, according to Motorola's specifications. Either way, the model comes with a quick charger (15W) in the box.

Storage (64 GB), RAM (4 GB) and processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 with eight cores) are the same as the G8 Plus. Even the dimensions are similar: 158.4 x 75.8 x 9.6 mm on the G8 Power, 158 x 75.8 x 9.1 mm on the G8 Plus, showing that the design is also very similar. Due to the larger capacity battery, a little heavier (195 grams on the G8 Power, 188 grams on the G8 Plus).

The fingerprint reader follows the back of the device, positioned in the center. The Moto G8 Power also has a USB-C connector to recharge the battery, a headphone connector on the top of the device (which can be a bit of a drag when you take the device out of your pocket with a wired headphone). The screen is slightly larger than the 6.3-inch screen of the G8 Plus: it's 6.4 inches.

The inspiration for Motorola One models follows the G8 Power, with a metallic finish with textures. The model we reviewed came in Atlantic Blue, but the manufacturer offers an option for the Moto G8 Power in Black Titanium.

It is possible to get two days with the Moto G8 Power (screen on) away from the outlet

It is possible to get two days with the Moto G8 Power (screen on) away from the outlet

Interface and operating system

The Moto G8 Power already comes with the Android 10 operating system installed, with few external apps (like the App Box) and most of Google itself. The simple and basic interface, with the new Android 10 night mode that dims the screen in the system menus and in most compatible applications, making it more pleasant to look at the screen and saving a little battery.

And here we see the evolution of the G8 Power compared to the G8 Plus, even with a device configuration very similar so much that in the GeekBench 5 test, which measures the performance of the smartphone, the G8 Power reached 308 points, almost the same score as the G8 Plus (315 points). We noticed few crashes in the transitions between applications, the camera is not slow and, in general, the user experience is better.


The camera configurations of the Moto G8 Power are different from the Moto G8 Plus, which came with a steel camera and a main lens with a 48 megapixel sensor. Here are four cameras: a main (16 megapixels), a wide angle (8 megapixels), a macro lens (2 megapixels) and a telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom (also 8 megapixels).

In the cameras, Motorola removed a problematic feature of the G8 Plus, the night photography mode, which was responsible for one of the main problems of the smartphone – the slow between clicking and showing the image.

The results of the photos taken with the G8 Power are very good compared to the G8 Plus. The macro lens allows you to take pictures of objects / animals very close up, capturing a lot of details, the telephoto lens allows you to get a little closer to the scene without having to use a digital zoom (which usually distorts the image) and the wide angle enlarges the scene. It is worth noting that, here at the G8 Power, the wide angle is not like that of the G8 Plus, which only served for steel videos with stabilized image. It serves for photos and videos, but without the use of action.

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