Moto G7 Plus camera should gain night vision mode equal to Google Pixel

Motorola is working hard to make the Moto G7 series more attractive to users. After releasing the Digital Wellness function and other enhancements to camera software, some leaks suggest that the brand is developing a special night mode for two devices.

According to the XDA forum, Motorola intends to put a mode called Night Vision into the Moto G7 Plus camera app, which is the best model the brand currently has in its portfolio, and also on the Motorola One Vision. For those not yet aware of the latest rumors, the manufacturer should launch the Motorola One Vision, Motorola One Power, One Action and One, all evolved from the current series Motorola One (known as P30 in China).

Motorola One Vision carries this nomenclature as this variant must have two rear cameras, one being a 48 MP sensor. The secondary sensor must have 5 MP and f / 1.5 aperture. The XDA folks have discovered clues of this night camera mode in the company's standard application code, and it references only two models, the One Vision and the G7 Plus.

Samsung is also developing a similar way to put in the Galaxy S10, called Bright Night, which competes with the Huawei P30 Pro's Night Mode. The idea of ​​Motorola is the same, and all these brands are looking for alternatives to eventually deliver a Night mode is as good as the present in Google Pixel by Google Camera. Google's mode is known to be the best among all available on the market.

Another feature is that Motorola is working on portrait mode light effects, such as different types of background blur and different lighting variations. Remember that the company has released some tools that edit the foreground and background of portrait photos, such as leaving the black and white background or replacing it with another image, but these functions have never left the beta stage and do not deliver good results.

Here's an example of what Google Camera's night mode can do:

AndroidPIT night mode showdown 03

With regard to the launch, Motorola should announce the new models in the coming months, including in Brazil, and all the details about Motorola One Vision you can find in this article:

Now, if Motorola's night mode is as good as Google's or Huawei's, the other story.

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