Moto Aware: Motorola may launch new exclusive service for Moto line

Moto Aware: Motorola may launch new exclusive service for Moto line

O Moto Aware may be new exclusive Moto line service. The information comes from the staff of the TKTechNews which, in a timely manner, managed to take a screenshot with data on a supposedly new smartphone from linked manufacturer Verizon. In the image we can clearly see the description of a new feature: "Moto Aware".

Wear Aware Phone Finder
Services like Android Aware warn the user when they move away from the device! / ANDROIDPIT

In fact, the initial information on the site concerned the new Motorola smartphone, identified as Moto Luge, which is expected to hit the US market on August 28, and be linked to operator Verizon. Amazingly, the device was not listed among the eight new smartphones speculated by the site to be released by the end of the year by the manufacturer.

Despite the image that illustrates Moto Luge in the online store Bestbuy identical to that of Moto X and the specifications are the same as found in Moto G 4G, there is an exclusive service called "Moto Aware" which can be checked in the image below:

moto luge moto aware
Moto Luge leaks on BestBuy and reveals new Moto line service! / TKTechNews

Almost nothing is known about the new feature, but just as Motorola introduced the "Alert"With Moto E, it is reasonable for the manufacturer to add another unique application to the line. When I look at the name of the new application, the first reference that comes to mind is services like Android Aware – Phone Finder, designed for wearables running OS Android Wear. The function is simple, but it helps to remember the device if you get away from it by a warning ring. However, this is only a suggestion, since users of a Moto line device already have Moto Care, which sounds an alarm if the device is lost.

Another option would be to see the function linked to the use of Moto 360, since the big balcony of the OS Android Wear emphasize notifications based on what the user needs at certain times of day to day. That is, Moto Aware could be linked to the context of smartphone use, making use of features like Google Now.

Remember that the manufacturer has a launch event scheduled for September 4 in So Paulo, when we will finally know all about this and other news.

And what is the function of Moto Aware in your opinion? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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