Moto And against the X800, Posta's Octa Core, who gets the better?

What is the best affordable smartphone on the market? We compare two competitors, check it out.

Are you thinking of buying a new handset without shell out a lot of money? So come take a look at this comparison!

X800 Positive
Image: Reproduction

Which one is better? Moto E or Positive X800?

Positivo, a Brazilian company, surprised many users with the launch of an Octa Core (8 core) model for a very inviting price range. is he really good?

So, how about comparing the X800 with a very popular smartphone in this good affordable hardware segment, the Motorola device Moto E. Moto E in turn can be even cheaper, around R $ 600,00 on average, but the question: Is this price difference between the two justified?

Thanks to our new partners we can now diversify the content here of the blog bringing you more and more quality information, check out the comparative video between both devices, below:

What about, would you buy the new device from Positivo? Particularly I do not have good experiences with products of this brand and you?

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