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Most played genres and video games on Linux in 2018

The year 2018 has been very interesting in terms of the games available for Linux distributions as the offer of titles of different genres has increased exponentially. With the boom of platforms like Steam and improvements in projects like DXVK, Proton (Steam Play), as well as the opening of online platforms, the number of offers of different genres is increasing for Linux gamers.

With the arrival of Steam Play, many games started to work on Linux normally, currently there are almost 3 thousand titles, not to mention the other thousands that already played natively. Today Linux can be considered the second platform for gaming on computers with ease, outnumbering, thanks to Steam Play especially, games for macOS, behind only Windows.

Action games and the eSports boom

Action games found a very lucrative year on all platforms, and Linux was no exception.

In this category, we highlight titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensivewhich was one of the best shooters for Linux via the Steam platform. So much has been the success of this title in 2018, which has become one of the most followed eSports video games in Brazil.

In that sense, and as published by SporTV website, Brazil is the country with the third largest captive eSports audience in the world, second only to China and the United States. With a Brazilian audience that exceeds 7.8 million followers, the country is at the forefront of Latin America in the eSports market, with a projected turnover of US $ 905.6 at the end of the year, and to exceed US $ 1.6. billions to 2021.

RPG strategy and crossover games

Another genre that gained the most followers in 2018 is strategy games, including casino games.

In this context, growth was due to the opening of best online casinos, who made their offer available in games such as roulette, poker or blackjack, as well as some of them also function as sports bookmakers.

These platforms have opened their content to be easily accessible over the internet and, in most cases, also via smartphones.

On the other hand, titles like XCOM 2, Civilization V or Age of Wonders III They also gained a number of followers within available Linux platforms such as Steam or Wine, offering a mix of turn-based strategy games with other genres like shooter or RPG. We are having so much fun playing Warframe ourselves on our twitch channel, today has live! 🙂

Racing games

Racing games and simulators also became a favorite of gamers in 2018, as they also gained a place in eSports, mixing their offer with simulators and expanding their reach platform to Linux.

One of the most striking titles is Rocket league, which is a soccer game in which players are remote control cars with attached rockets. This mix of genres has been one of the most striking options for eSports competitors worldwide.

However, one option within the purist race titles, which was very well received this year, was the Dirt Rally, which stood out as one of the most played sport racing titles on Linux through Steam in 2018.

So good was the reception of this video game, that the site IGN Brazil announced The Dirt Rally 2.0 is already due for release on February 26, 2019, seeking to enhance the experience offered by its predecessor. Linux Gaming

Linux is gaining more and more space in the video game competition as it is increasingly developing facilities for gamers to enjoy their favorite video game genres, regardless of the Linux distribution they prefer.

Of course there are still certain titles that are still incompatible, but (literally) two months or so, much less games were compatible, a year ago, we had fewer games, so it seems to be a matter of time and adaptation. Anyone who still insists that Linux is not good for gaming may also be misinforming.

What's your favorite game? Is it already running on Linux?

See you next time!

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