Most corporate employees prefer to work with iOS / macOS instead of Android / Windows

Most corporate employees prefer to work with iOS / macOS instead of Android / Windows

A survey carried out by Jamf shows the impact that the choice of technological device for work has on efficiency and productivity among employees of large companies. According to the results, a large number of workers report that the possibility of choosing the type of apparatus used for work matters; in addition, when companies allow employees to choose which device they prefer, Apple the most popular brand.

Analyzing the survey results, 52% of American organizations currently allow employees to choose which brand of products they prefer for the job. Among these, 72% choose Macs while 28% prefer PCs. In the universe of gadgets, 49% of the companies allow the choice of the brand to be used; of these, 75% of respondents stated that choose iPhones or iPads, and another 25% opt for Android devices (less than 1% still cite BlackBerry).

As already mentioned, the interviewees pointed out that the opportunity to choose their favorite devices contributes to some characteristics, among them:

  • 68% feel more productive;
  • 37% feel more creative;
  • 35% feel more collaborative;
  • 35% feel proud of the workplace;
  • 42% say they share all of the above features.

Among 75% of employees who prefer companies to provide a device for work, 65% therefore decide to keep their personal and professional lives separate; another 19% report not taking responsibility for a device that is used for work. In contrast, 25% of respondents prefer to use the personal device for work; for 8% of these, this choice guarantees having an integrated personal and professional life, and another 15% reported that they do not want to have many devices in their possession. Only 3% of respondents did not indicate preference.

The results of the research (entitled “The Impact of Device Choice on the Employee Experience”) were obtained in March by analyzing the responses of 580 executives, managers and professionals from small, medium and large organizations around the world and are available for download to interested parties.

via MacRumors