Most Brazilian states now allow to add car license document to iPhone

Most Brazilian states now allow to add car license document to iPhone

In 2018, the government announced the e-CRLV, which allowed to put in the smartphone the digital version of car licensing, which has the same legal value as the paper document.

The problem that, at the time, few states had joined the system. The promise was that by the end of that year the whole country would offer the service, which eventually did not happen.

Now, by the end of 2019, the situation has reversed and there are very few regions that do not yet offer digital CRLV.

Check if you can already include your car document on your iPhone.

From the Denatran Service Portal you can already see that the largest states in the country already offer functionality to their citizens, with only five left out: Pair, Piau, Paraba, large northern river and Tocantins. If the card is in any other state, you may already have the digital document on the iPhone.

The installation is quite easy and fortunately requires no paperwork as digital certificate or go to Detran. The first thing to download the app Digital Traffic Wallet. It is the same as it has allowed for some time to include the digital version of CNH.

Having your registration already done, the whole process is automatic. With your CPF, the system already identifies the vehicles in your name and enables you to download the CRLV to the device.

The digital version contains all the information contained in the printed document, with a QR Code for validation by traffic officers or police. The user can also generate in the application a digitally signed PDF for when they need to send copies of the document.

The iPhone app can be downloaded for free at this link.