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Mortal Kombat X review
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The Mortal Kombat series began in 1992, and brought the blood and fatalities violent ones that became a franchise trademark; 23 years later the first port of the game appeared for mobile devices: the Mortal Kombat X. Violence, blood and the fatalities are still there, but adapting to smartphones and tablets has been costly for the gameplay.

Basic information

The game works from cards: there are character, accessory, power, coin and soul cards. The characters are divided into three categories: bronze, silver and gold; the golden ones are the only ones who get the x-ray hits. Accessories and powers increase some of the character's abilities, and coins and souls are used to draw other cards.

In all there are about 24 different characters, divided into some types: martial fighter, special operations, exoterra, among others. Upon starting Mortal Kombat X, the player receives three bronze character cards and, after the initial tutorial, a silver character. O game divided into phases, at the end of each course, faces a chefo.

mkx characters
Kartas, Characters, Support, Coins and Souls. / ANDROIDPIT


The fights are in format tag-team and each team has three fighters fighting against three others. The big disappointment of the game is in the controls: there is no way to hit or kick high, punch low, etc., you can only touch the screen and the fighter strikes in a predetermined sequence. If the set of strokes is complete, an animation shows a gesture to deliver the final stroke of the sequence.

Each fighter also has three special moves, which appear in the bottom left corner of the screen. To unleash them, just wait for the hit energy bar to fill and touch it. The more powerful the blow, the more energy is needed. Again, I don't need much skill or even learning the commands for each hit.

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Just touch the screen, nothing more. / ANDROIDPIT
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MKX has three ways to play: Battle Mode, Face Warfare and Raiden Challenge (not yet available).

Battle Mode is the normal phase mode, where the player goes from tower to tower defeating teams until they reach the head. The Face War is exactly that, the different faces of the game face each other for prizes. The Raiden Challenge is a challenge that, if completed, a golden character.

mkx modes
Three ways to play. / ANDROIDPIT


The MKX also has a social aspect, in each fight the player can ask an ally for help, who can be called at any time of the fight and performs a special blow. You can make friends with other players, and whenever a chosen ally, the player earns Aliana Points, which can be used to buy packs of letters. If another player uses your character as an ally, you also earn Aliana Points.

mkx ally
Allies, Friends, and Aliana Points. / ANDROIDPIT

Top Issues

The main problem of Mortal Kombat X for Android is the gameplay. Forget all the complexity of hits and combinations in the game, here you can touch the screen over and over without any choice. Also, the charging times are long, even on my LG G3, and there are some touch recognition issues.

Another major flaw, well remembered by Wagner Sanches, is the fatalities, they are only available to allies with golden characters and bosses; At least disappointing.


  • If you don't like the silver fighter who won after the tutorial, just delete the app data and restart the tutorial as many times as necessary until you get the character you want.
  • To gain more experience, go back a few stages to fight weaker opponents.
  • Teams with characters of the same type usually have advantages, such as increased skills.
  • Invest your coins in your silver characters, either with upgrade cards or evolving moves.
  • Log in all day to get a "gift" card.
  • If you have Mortal Kombat X on another platform, log in with your Warner account and play on both platforms.
  • If you are spending money on MKX, buy Souls.


Mortal Kombat X for Android a good fighting game for mobile; It is fun, the graphics are very good and it is relatively easy to play, ie a good pastime. However, it leaves a lot to be desired compared to its versions for Arcade and other platforms. If you are a fan of fighting games that require some skill, let it pass; if you're just looking for a game It is beautiful and well built to pass the time and / or a lot of faith of the series, it does not cost to try, after all the free MKX.

Available on the Play Store for free with in-app purchases. Requires Android 4.0 or higher, can be played offline, but only online all options and functions are accessible. The rather heavy MKX takes up about 1.5GB and roasts the battery fast.

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What's your take on the Mortal Kombat X?

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