Morgan Stanley: Mac sales grow again month by month

Morgan Stanley: Mac sales grow again month by month

In a study on PC sales, analyst Katy Huberty, of Morgan Stanley, highlighted the resumption of growth in Mac sales, which also suffered considerable declines in the months after last Christmas, but which still left a certain threshold for a better performance of Apple in the period (even with a slight drop). Now, it is possible to notice an increase of 25% month by month, in relation to June.

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Separating this growth from the rest of the industry, it was possible to see that it was 25 times greater between May and the past month. For the person responsible for this research, this represents a “catalyst for growth”, showing that Apple can move further away from the rest of the industry in the third quarter.

Mac Sales - Morgan Stanley FQ3

With these figures, the company's financial results for the third fiscal quarter (which are expected to be announced this month) promise to be more encouraging. Previously estimated at 2.4 million, Mac sales are expected to be around 2.5 million units, up 12% over the second fiscal quarter. Without including the performance of the company's other businesses in the period, this would represent a profit of US $ 1.16 / year.

Some important factors may justify this new low for the Mac: the promotion back to school from Apple promises to be one of the best ever made by the company, benefiting from the discounts involved and the reduction in the prices of MacBooks.

(Via: Fortune.)