More time to choose what to buy on iTunes

Apple is preparing to extend the free listening time of the songs it makes available for sale through iTunes. The intention was confirmed by a company spokesman to C | Net, after a digital music distributor had anticipated the possibility.

According to information provided by the specialized website, the virtual music store of the iPhone and iPod manufacturer will now allow users to listen to a theme for 90 seconds, instead of the usual 30, before deciding whether to purchase it.

The novelty, to be implemented “soon”, will apply only to tracks with a duration of two and a half minutes, said the company, maintaining the usual listening time, which does not exceed half a minute, in the remaining themes. .

Apple will have started yesterday to notify publishers and other music industry partners of its intentions, through a notice that in the meantime started to circulate online (and we reproduce below), but as of August 30 the possibility had been rumored.

The listening period to be implemented, which triples (for the topics covered) the one currently in force, represents the possibility of listening to more than half of a track with the minimum duration required for the new “regime” to apply.

According to CNet, the extension has been desired for some time, being seen by Apple as a maneuver that will also increase the number of sales of its virtual store. The announcement was expected during the company’s conference in early September, but only recently has the company managed to reach negotiations with copyright holders.