More than 90% of the Portuguese have mobile phones

The number of Portuguese people who own a mobile phone is over 8.4 million, with a possession rate above 90%, reveal the data from Marktest’s Barómetro de Telecomunicações (Telecommunications Barometer) for December 2009.

The figures for the third quarter of 2009 calculated by Anacom indicated a mobile phone penetration rate of 146.2 per 100 inhabitants, data that are justified by the multiplication of equipment with mobile cards, such as notebooks with broadband, and the duplication of terminals. held by some users.

The analysis of Marktest, revealed yesterday, refers to residents in Portugal aged 10 and over and shows an increase of two percentage points compared to the same period in 2008, when the rate was 88.7%.


Despite some homogeneity between the age groups, young people between 15 and 34 years old have a higher rate of use of mobile phones, with values ​​above 99%.

It is in the elderly that the usage rate starts to fall, being lower than the average from 55 years old and falling to 67.5% among Portuguese over 64 years old, who continue to be the most disconnected from mobile phones.

There are also no significant differences regarding geographic regions, although in Greater Lisbon and Greater Porto the use is above the country’s average, approaching 95%.