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More than 6,000 United Airlines attendants will win iPhones 6 Plus

At the end of last year, in partnership with Apple, United Airlines announced that it would give iPhones 6 Plus to more than 23,000 of its commissioners. Now, this program will be extended to 6,000 general attendants spread across the United States.

The idea is that iPhones speed up customer service and access to customer service information, preventing company representatives from having to seek help to resolve various issues.

Through a dedicated app, attendants will be able to remotely issue and print boarding tickets and baggage identifiers, check alternative flights / routes, among others.

United's more than 6,000 attendants will begin receiving their iPhones 6 Plus early next year. Since 2011, the company has also started to adopt iPads as digital flight manuals in its cabins.

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