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More than 60 iPhones are seized by the IRS at Natal International Airport

THE IRS announced today that it seized, last Sunday (14/4), over 60 iPhones imported illegally at the Natal International Airport in Rio Grande do Norte.


iPhones seized at Natal International Airport.

The operation was performed by the customs team after a complaint that a passenger would be with the devices. The two suitcases that were on a flight that took off from So Paulo / Guarulhos International Airport were then selected for non-invasive inspection and the material was seized for the application of the penalty, according to the IRS.

The flight in question was from So Paulo, but the devices came from Foz do Iguau. Probably already knowing he would be caught, the unidentified passenger dropped his bags on the baggage claim.

According to the customs team, seizures of foreign goods carried by passengers from Foz do Iguau and making this flight from So Paulo to Rio Grande do Norte have become quite common.

On April 6, for example, the team retained several foreign merchants (mobile phones and perfumes) also from Foz do Iguau which were in the luggage of a couple of passengers flying from Guarulhos.

Obviously, such cases do not happen only in Rio Grande do Norte; At the end of last year, we reported that a Brazilian was arrested with 246 iPhones upon landing in Guarulhos; In 2017, another was also arrested at the same airport with 72 more Apple smartphones.

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