more than 200 filters and thousands of ways to make your iPhone’s photo unique

AFilter: more than 200 filters and thousands of ways to make your iPhone's photo unique

Creativity and quality. These are the main points for an image to stand out among thousands of photos in feeds of social networks. A sunset on the beach, but without proper treatment, for example, just one more Mainstream which could, in fact, be a beautiful representation of the environment.

Of course, a good device also counts, knowing that the three most used cameras on Flickr are the iPhones 5s, 5 and 4s in that order, we know that most plant photographers have their iDevices in hands when registering a moment. Thinking about these users, developers make exclusive apps for iOS and today we bring you another exclusivity from the App Store.

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THE AFilter, by MAKE The specialist in image editing applications, offers numerous ways to personalize and make your images look unique.

Do you know that photo you took in the dark and it was a piece of shit to post? With a touch up here, a filter there and a texture right after, you will not think twice about publishing it. All of this thanks to filters that, worked individually, can form thousands of combinations.

In addition to basic adjustments such as brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation, light, shade, temperature and others, the 200 filters are divided into 20 categories separated by themes and usability, with photographs with examples. In addition, it is possible to multiply your ideas by adding four special textures: «Dust», «Light Leak», «Lens Flare» and «Gradient».

Another good news: unlike most applications, which charge a fee for each pack of filters and textures, in AFilter you only pay the value of the application; there is * none * In-App Purchase to use over 200 filters and all textures and variations!

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