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More than 1 billion online in December

(Corrected) Last December, more than 1 billion people surfed the Internet, with the Asia-Pacific region dominating the accesses. Figures released by comScore show that Internet users in this part of the globe represented almost half of the Internet audience last month (41 percent), with China leading, thanks to the 180 million users who were online, almost 18 percent of the total.

Europe was the second region in the world with the most users to access the Internet in the month of Christmas, 28 percent of the total accesses. Only in third place is North America with 18 percent of the online audience counted. The regions of Latin America and the Middle East and Africa were the only ones to contribute figures below 10 percent to the study, respectively, 7 and 5 percent of the audience online last month.

However, it should be noted that, as a country, the United States is ahead of Europe with 16.2 percent of the population online. The best European position is in Germany with 3.7 percent of the population online in December.

The network of sites linked to Google remained in the lead, being the most sought after destination by users when they go to the Internet. ComScore recorded 777.9 million visits, more than counted to Microsoft sites, where 647.9 million visitors were counted. Yahoo comes in third place, capturing 562.6 million visitors.

Magid Abraham, comScore’s CEO, comments on the figures recognizing that “exceeding one billion users is a significant brand in the history of the Internet”. The official believes that reaching the next billion will be much faster.

Internet Chart
Internet Chart

Editorial note: The second frame of the news has been corrected. The first of the two references to the United Kingdom was incorrect and was replaced by the United States, the country to which the published data relates.