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More tests demonstrate the good evolution of the iPhone 7 Plus camera

We all know that the iPhones camera has evolved significantly since its original launch in 2007. Without a doubt, we owe the first model a total transformation in the world of photography and in the devices we use.

original iPhone

To kill our curiosity, the staff of The Verge published a series of images comparing the same photo taken with an original iPhone and an iPhone 7 Plus. The results are really impressive.

Check out an example:

Camera comparison - original iPhone vs. iPhone 7 Plus

Photo taken with an original iPhone

Camera comparison - original iPhone vs. iPhone 7 Plus

Picture taken with an iPhone 7 Plus

Among the several new features brought by the iPhone 7, there are improvements made to its cameras, both the front and the rear. Considered on several websites as the “best new adventure camera of the year”, the iPhone 7 has been showing excellent results in several recent tests.

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The adventure sports website / magazine Outside published a very interesting evaluation of the new models and highlighted that the shadows and colors in the new cameras are much more accurate and vivid. The gallery has 17 images which can be viewed at the link above.

Outside Magazine - iPhone 7 Plus

The new iPhones 7 and 7 Plus will not replace your DSLR camera or mirrorless: these devices continue to perform better and will be necessary if you want to have your photo featured in our magazine. However, the 7 is a consistent improvement on the 6s and an excellent camera to keep in your pocket.

Next Friday, dozens of lucky buyers of these new iGadgets will receive their new devices and thousands of photos will permeate social networks.

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There are some special cases of lucky professionals who get early access to new devices, like the photographer Austin Mann, which has been doing very thorough reviews of the iPhones camera in exuberant locations (like Iceland and Patagonia) since the model 6. He tested the new model in partnership with Nat Geo Travel + Nat Geo Adventure in various conditions in Africa, starting with photos with gorillas in Rwanda.

Austin Mann - Rwanda with iPhone 7 Plus

The mini-documentary has a good run through the whole thing:

The adventure continues and you can follow Austin on Instagram:

If you haven’t checked out the other photo galleries with the new iPhone, be sure to check out the ones taken by Sports Illustrated and for ESPN, published here on MacMagazine.