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more stores close again in the US; Apple Store scheduling feature launched

Apple State Street

Here we have more updates on the pandemic effect of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) for Apple. A few days ago, we commented that the company’s stores in Melbourne (Australia) closed their doors again after a new peak of cases of the disease in the region; now, more units of the company will have their activities restricted, only in the United States.

In addition, we will see, later on, that consumers have gained yet another tool to buy safely in regions where Apple stores are still open.

Finally, Apple has served as a tracking parameter for the reopening of trade in the US by major media companies, offering more information about the population’s reaction to the current health and trade crisis across the country.

Apple Stores in the USA

Apple is closing another 11 stores on Friday in four states after local increases in COVID-19 infections, as reported by 9to5Mac. With this wave of (re) closings, there are now 91 units of the company that had reopened and are now back to square one.

Apple State Street

Apple State Street

Stores in California that closed their doors again include: Brea Mall (Brea), South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa), Irvine Spectrum Center (Irvine), Mission Viejo (Mission Viejo), Fashion Island (Newport Beach), El Paseo Village ( Palm Desert), State Street (Santa Barbara) and Promenade Temecula (Temecula).

Other store closings in the U.S. include Apple Columbia (Maryland), Apple Kenwood Towne Center (Ohio) and Apple CoolSprings Galleria (Tennessee).

Although these units are closed as of today, Apple will be receiving customers who have orders to collect and have scheduled an appointment with a Genius Bar specialist until this Sunday (12/7).

New from the Apple Store app

To provide even more security to its customers and employees, Apple is deploying a new feature (U.S. only) in the app Apple Store which allows you to schedule an appointment with a specialist at the company’s stores to make a purchase.

Scheduling on the Apple Store app

In many places, Apple is restricting the free entry of customers to its stores, precisely to avoid crowds. In this sense, the new scheduling system helps the most cautious customers to avoid queues with a reservation at a specific time.

Appointments can be made through the Apple Store app by searching for a store in the region and selecting the option “Buy with a specialist”. From there, customers can choose which product they are interested in and choose a time to visit the Apple Store.

Even customers with a scheduled appointment must follow Apple’s health and safety guidelines, and wear a mask while inside the store, among other measures.

Apple Store app icon

Apple data

As we said, Apple has served as a reference to accompany the reopening of US commerce and the movement of people in the country amid measures to combat COVID-19.

THE CNN, for example, developed a tracking tool for reopening and closing Apple Stores as a way to visualize the spread of the virus in the US – since Apple is continually assessing the situation in each region where it has stores to decide when to reopen them. or not.

As the CNN, its data map, based on the functioning of the American Apple Stores, can offer “another window to the country’s current health and economy crisis”.

Apple movement trend reports

Another news outlet, the CNBC, started using data from movement trend reports as a way to track how often people are traveling during the pandemic. According to them, there has been a slowdown in the use of the navigation features of Apple Maps since the second peak in the number of cases in the USA, registered from mid-June.

via 9to5Mac, AppleInsider