Mac mini with 1TB storage option? It will be possible?

More sites bet on the arrival of a new Mac mini at this Macworld Expo

Now it was the TUAW bet your chips on a new Mac mini at this Macworld Expo San Francisco.

According to them, we will see at least two major changes next week: your internal optical drive will be SATA and can be switched by a second SATA hard drive (with RAID 1 support); and its look will change from the current white plastic to aluminum and black plastic.

Supposed new Mac mini

Like the Time Capsule, the new Mac mini would have a “flap” that would not only hide the optical drive (leaving the visual impairment if the user prefers to use two hard drives), but would also provide ventilation for the entire machine, discarding the need of fans at your rear. Although many bet on an even more compact format, it is possible that its dimensions are not so altered.

In addition, we all expect, of course, new NVIDIA chipsets in minis at least the GeForce 9400M, something that already provides a significant improvement for games and the like and the traditional updates in processing and memory.