More rumors: MacBook Air will have two size options and will only be a little thicker than a USB port

Things are heating up: the AppleInsider I didn't want to let myself be overcome by the image published by Engadget this morning and brought more information about Apple's new line of ultrathin notebooks. Yes, "line".

13.3-inch and 11.6-inch MacBooks Air

The famous 11.6-inch MacBook Air will not come to replace the 13.3 inch, but for accompany you, both will have a completely unibody (made of a * sheet * of aluminum, heh) and trackpad like the other MacBooks. THE THERE ratifies the end of the door that gave access to the connections, and informs that the storage in the form of “SSD card” will use a SATA connection. Additionally, they added that the image released earlier today was that of a prototype made in April.

As for size, that what matters most in this type of computer, it is assumed that the lower part of it, in which the components and the keyboard are, is just a little thicker than a USB port, at its thickest point. We are talking THIN.