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More rumors about the new Apple TV: software will have universal search; device will cost $ 149

The rumor of the moment, no doubt, the new Apple TV which should be presented in a week. For John Paczkowski (from BuzzFeed and one of the first to talk about the arrival of Siri and the App Store in this new set-top box), “Confirmed” today something long awaited by all users of the product: the arrival of a universal search.

Apple TV

No more browsing Apple TV with this remote!

That is to say, when searching for a particular movie, director or actor (just a few examples), Apple TV will show the result not only of the movies available on the iTunes Store but of (almost) all the apps available on it (Netflix, HBO NOW , etc.) all thanks to technology from, a company that was acquired by Apple in mid-2013.

Of course, at least in the rumors, the new Apple TV will have many other interesting features such as a huge remote control, Siri's own presence, an application store, a much more powerful processor (A8) to handle all these news, etc. But it is undeniable that it is these small details such as a universal search (which can be done just by asking Siri something, it is worth remembering) that make the experience something completely different from what we are used to with the current product.

Paczkowski also reported that the new Apple TV will cost $ 149 and not $ 199, as had also been considered.

May 9th arrive soon!