more rumors about iOS 9

Force Touch on Apple Watch

We’ve talked a lot here about iOS 9 and the rumors surrounding the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system. Today the 9to5Mac (which has great sources inside Ma) brought some more details.

Force Touch on Apple Watch

According to them, the Force Touch even be one of the big news of the iPhone 6s. For this, iOS 9 will be fully adapted to the feature, most likely replicating the Force Touch behavior that we have on the trackpad of the new MacBooks on the iPhone screen. That is, it will be possible to advance a video more quickly, mark places on maps, create an event in the calendar simply by pressing the screen with a little more force.

The big difference from the iPhone’s Force Touch to that of the Apple Watch is that it will not be essential for performing tasks. An example of this could be the Maps application. While on the watch you necessarily need to press the screen harder to search for an address (that is, without Force Touch you do not have access to this particular function in the app), on the iPhone it will be used more as a ?shortcut?, a way simpler to perform functions that are still possible in some other way.

Everything also indicates that iPads will gain this touchscreen not only by touch, but by pressure. However, as the feature depends on new hardware (iPhones and iPads) to work, we will probably not see anything related to this being commented on at WWDC, when the company demonstrates iOS 9 for the first time.

IOS 8 keyboard

Apple is also planning to make some changes to the keyboard iOS 9. One of them involves a new solution to the key problem Shift, which until today is difficult to know if it is activated or not. In addition, the company is testing several new designs for its keyboard (for example, a longer one that includes additional editing controls in portrait mode, and improvements to the system-wide QuickType experience).

The app posts (Messages) should also receive improvements, but not in the interface itself, but in the infrastructure of the iMessage service. The idea is to offer reading receipts in group conversations, in addition to being able to activate / deactivate these receipts in specific conversations, making it possible, for example, to leave the feature activated for close family and friends, and disabled for the rest.

Game Center on iOS 8

J the application Game Center may disappear in iOS 9 as it is not present in some internally tested system builds.

To top it all, it seems that Canada will soon receive the resource Apple Pay, becoming the first country after the USA to rely on the payment service. China also has everything to receive the system in the not too distant future, and it is also worth remembering that negotiations to bring Apple Pay to Brazil have already started some of the biggest national banks are talking to Apple on the subject.