New MacBook Pro from the top with Touch Bar

More problems: users complain about the noise of some keys on MacBooks Pro with Touch Bar

And my friends. Definitely the new butterfly mechanism of Apple keyboards arrived to cause an uproar.

The first, of course, was in relation to the technology itself, which was created to allow thinner keys and, consequently, thinner notebooks. The natural consequence, however, are keys that “travel” less when pressed, which did not please many customers – who still prefer the keyboard experience with the scissor mechanism.

The first Apple notebook to use the new technology was the 12-inch MacBook. Recently, however, we published an article that addresses a problem that has been affecting some users: specific keys on the machine would be “stuck”, without offering the same tactile feedback as before.

New MacBook Pro from the top with Touch Bar

When launching the new MacBooks Pro with Touch Bar, Apple introduced the second generation of this butterfly mechanism that, according to the company, “has been improved in the smallest details to increase comfort and responsiveness”, offering four times more stability. However, users are also complaining about problems.

Unlike 12 ″ MacBooks, the reason for complaint in MBPs with Touch Bar has to do with the sound / click of the key. There are reports both in the Apple discussion forum and in the MacRumors about the subject. The user monstermac77 published the video below that shows the problem well, check it out:

As we can see, the sound of some keys (in the case of the video, Caps Lock) is much louder than the rest – and look that the feedback sound of the keyboard with the butterfly mechanism itself is already much louder than the one with scissor mechanism.

In case of monstermac77, the keys with the problem are: Caps Lock, Option (from the left), Delete, H and C (the last three, less frequently). Still according to him, the noise is only like this when the machine is relatively hot, being somehow required by the processor or the GPU.

Some members of the MacMagazine they are also suffering from the problem and one of them even spoke to an Apple representative, who said they are aware of the problem and are investigating the case.

In the two forums mentioned above there are already several reports of owners of new MBPs with the same problem; himself monstermac77 commented that he received a replacement machine and tried to do several tests on it. The first was to press each key five times to see if the loud sound appeared (did not appear); then he started to heat the machine using a Terminal command. After the machine warmed up (after about ten minutes), he pressed each key again (about ten times each) and nothing came out.

Immediately afterwards, with the machine still warm, he pressed firmly on each screen and held for about a second; doing so, he managed to reproduce the problem on a key and, from there, the key started making the noise regardless of how he pressed it; when the MBP cooled, the noise was gone.

If you are also experiencing this, we suggest contacting Apple immediately (the more people who report what is happening, the greater the chance that the company will be able to investigate and identify what is happening).

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