IPhone X Photo Gallery (by MacMagazine)

More problems: several iPhones X are crackling and humming on the front speaker

If you thought such a device was bad cheap like the iPhone X doesn’t work well in the cold and appears with a green line on your screen, imagine now that some users are experiencing yet another new problem …

As the MacRumors, there are several users complaining about “Crackles” and “humming” coming from front speaker (from ear) iPhone X when playing sounds at very high volumes – or at most.

IPhone X Photo Gallery (by MacMagazine)

On the affected devices, pops appear when playing any type of sound, be it when listening to music, watching a video, on a phone call, on the alarm, on a ringtone, etc. And analyzing the cases, it does not appear that the problem is limited to a specific configuration of the iPhone X or a version of iOS.

Some of the users went to Apple stores and the company switched the devices for free, but many said the problem persists even with the new unit. Despite no official comment, Apple appears to be collecting diagnostics and investigating the problem.

When iPhones 8 and 8 Plus were released, a similar problem affected users, but fortunately the problem was fixed with a simple software update (iOS 11.0.1). As the new reports are not limited to audio calls, everything seems to be something different. However, the twist is that, in the case of the iPhone X, it is also a problem that can be solved by updating (and not a hardware problem).

It is worth noting that, among our iPhones X (Rafael, Eduardo and Breno are already using the new device, as well as some employees of the site), no one has been “drawn” with any of these problems commented by us so far.