Review: iPhone 6s

More information and details about iPhones 6s / 6s Plus, Apple TV, iPad Pro and mini 4

There were many new features presented by Apple the day before yesterday. We hardly see so many announcements being made in a single special event, as it happened. Then the information will appear as curious people flock to the company's website for details about the products.

Apple TV

We have already mentioned some things about the new Apple TV, but one that was missing and that surprised (negatively speaking) was the Bluetooth specification.

Apple TV box

The new black box from Apple has Bluetooth 4.0, and no 4.2 (faster, more efficient, safer, etc.) present in iPad Pro, iPad mini 4 and iPhones 6s / 6s Plus (all released together). Why? It is difficult to say, especially considering the idea that this set-top box you can become our home hub.

As a curiosity, metadata was found on the Apple website that made reference to the name Apple TV 2. In other words, Apple must have considered calling the product that way (as it has been doing with iPads and iPhones), but decided to just call Apple TV even though that set-top box third generation continue selling; that is, we will have two generations of Apple TVs being marketed under the same name.

iPad Pro

The giant iPad Pro! But that does not mean that his battery is (38.5WHr versus 42.5Whr of the third and fourth generation iPads, already discontinued by Apple but which were only 9.7 inches). That is, using the 12W charger that comes with the iPad Pro, the tablet should take about 4 hours and 30 minutes to be fully recharged. In addition, you will be able to recharge this “iPado” with the famous external batteries.

IPad Pro Case

The lack of 3D Touch on iPads is something I haven't been able to understand until now. quite common to see Apple introducing new technology and expanding everything a year later. The 3D Touch is a novelty, but entirely derived from Force Touch, already present in Apple Watches.

For me, it was clear that the technology would also reach the iPads, the rumors took it for granted, but that's not what we saw. Perhaps because he understands that, on the iPhone, the user holds the device more prone to the movement of pressing the screen, something that on the iPad is not so natural; but I’m sure I don’t doubt that next year iPads will incorporate the technology, which would make it clear that Apple just didn’t make that decision now in a fully planned way.

The A9X, the brand new processor that equips Apple's professional tablet, has an interesting novelty. Here's what Apple says about it:

Storage controller. The unknown hero of super-fast performance.

The A9X chip processes data so fast that it requires a new memory architecture. For this reason, the iPad Pro has a redesigned storage controller, which provides better performance than some computers. The reading and writing speed was much faster, to open even the heaviest files fast. For example, the huge 4K movie you just edited or all the RAW images imported from your HD camera.

This, of course, not to mention the traditional 1.8x performance gains in CPU performance (central processing unit, or central processing unit) and 2x GPU performance (graphics processing unit, or graphics processing unit) compared to the iPad Air 2 (A8X processor) and the supposed 4GB of RAM.

iPad mini 4

During the event, Apple commented that the iPad mini 4 was basically a miniature of the iPad Air 2. This is true in some points, but in others, not.

IPad mini 4 case

Both have a fully laminated screen and an anti-reflective coating (which the iPad mini 3 did not have). The FaceTime HD and iSight cameras are also now equivalent, with the front gaining the continuous mode feature (several photos in a row at very small intervals) and the iSight, for the first time, having 8 megapixels on an iPad mini model. Wi-Fi (802.11a / b / g / n / ac), MIMO, Bluetooth 4.2 and barometer are also present in both iPad mini 4 and Air 2.

The heart of the tablet, however, is not the same. While the Air 2 has the A8X processor, the mini 4 has the A8. There are undoubtedly great gains in relation to the A7 used in the iPad mini 3, but most likely due to the smaller screen (although it has the same resolution) Apple found it better not to use the A8X in it.

The battery, of course, is also not the same. But what catches here, which is not even compared to the mini 3 (19.1WHr versus 23.8WHr). According to Apple, however, it can handle the very same thing due to the optimizations of the A8 chip.

iPhones 6s / 6s Plus

We also talked about the possible smaller battery (not necessarily that they will last less than their predecessors) of the new iPhones, but there are still other interesting details about them.

IPhones weights and dimensions

We also know that the new iPhones are bigger / thicker than the now “old” 6/6 Plus, basically 0.1-0.2mm bigger for all sides. I would say that this is practically imperceptible. The weight difference, on the other hand, can be more noticeable (14 grams more than iPhone 6s and 20g more than 6s Plus).

IPhone 6s case

Jeremy Horwitz said that this increase in weight could have been generated by this new aluminum series 7000, used in the structure of the device. But we have already seen that, despite being more resistant, this new structure did not add weight to the carcass. So, most likely this weight gain came from the new internal components (Taptic Engine, 3D Touch, etc.).

The new iSight (rear camera) has been upgraded from 8 to 12 megapixels. This Apple commented on, but other details she preferred not to mention, such as maintaining the aperture (/2.2) and reducing the size of the pixels from 1.5 to 1.22 (the larger the pixel, the more light it absorbs and the better the photo stays). Most likely Apple compensates for this loss in some way, for example with a big "noise reduction" we will have to compare the photos taken by iPhones 6 and 6s to find out.

The camera is now also capable of making 4K resolution videos, which in my view is inconsistent with two other choices made by Apple: that of not offering 4K support on the new Apple TV; and to continue marketing 16GB iPhones 6s / 6s Plus. Now, 60 seconds of footage in 4K (at 30 frames per second) generates a 375MB video, as Marques Brownlee showed in this video. Taking into account that you have 12GB available as soon as you take the iPhone out of the box, you could shoot “only” 32 minutes of video at this resolution to clog the device.

For these and others that, in my view, if Apple sells 16GB iPhones, it should offer at least 50GB of free space on iCloud. But that matter for another article, let's go back to the details of the products.

Continuing on the iSight camera, only the Plus model continues with the differential of having optical image stabilization. The novelty now that this stabilization is also used in video recording, something that not even the iPhone 6 Plus does just the 6s Plus.

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More details like these should come up, especially when we start to get our hands on new devices.

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