More images of alleged parts of the next iPhone appear

So far, the leaked parts of the next iPhone have been enough for someone to put everything together and form a possible sixth generation unit. But that does not mean that more components cannot appear, as highlighted by the French website NowhereElse [Google Translate].

Alleged leaked parts of the next iPhone

Here, a view from the other side of the same pieces:

Alleged leaked parts of the next iPhone

Several components, including some internal ones, external buttons (volume), tray for the Nano-SIM card and a thin layer of metal that are supposed to serve as protection for the 4-inch screen of the new device can be seen.

Everything suggests that we will see the new iPhone on September 12, a date widely commented on by many vehicles as the official one for the announcement of the new device – and other possible novelties such as the “iPad mini” and new iPods.

[via AppleInsider]