Codes indicating addition of Yoga as Apple Watch activities

More from HomePod: smart camera that recognizes objects, Apple Pay with facial recognition and much more!

THE HomePod continues to campaign to be voted the mouse of the year when it comes to leaking Apple’s secret affairs. The firmware accidentally released from the smart speaker has already practically confirmed the silhouette of the “iPhone 8”, gave more details about its internal settings, talked about the Apple Watch and himself – and now comes with even more news to delight.

Let’s take a look at them, one by one.


The Brazilian developer Guilherme Rambo discovered, in the bowels of the HomePod code, mentions of a possible “iPhone 8” feature that, at least provisionally, is called SmartCam. The list of codes related to the feature suggests that we are dealing with some technology based on artificial intelligence, which will recognize a series of objects or situations and automatically adjust the camera levels for a more balanced photo.

IOS 11 (or the next iPhone) will have something called SmartCam. It will adjust the camera configuration based on the scene it detects

Among the elements listed, we have “documents”, “fireworks”, “leaves”, “pets”, “sky” and “sports”. It sounds like an excellent addition to the recognition features already employed in the Photos app – only that, instead of a later reading, the new functionality would be seeing everything in real time.

Apple Pay with facial recognition

Much is said about the possible absence of Touch ID on the “iPhone 8”, which would be completely replaced by a highly specialized 3D facial detection system. What a lot of people haven’t thought, yet, is that Apple’s biometric sensor is not only used to unlock the phone: it is also a very important component of Apple Pay. So what would the Apple payment system look like without it?

Well, according to this new discovery, Apple is implementing a specific code so that Apple Pay integrates with the probable facial sensor and authenticates transactions automatically, only with the user’s face. The so-called “Pearl ID” (code name that Apple has used for face recognition technology) was found among some codes related to the payment system, as seen in this tweet from @r_idn:

Right. From what I’ve seen, Pearl ID will be used for everything except payments.

And this here?

With that, we assume that Apple is managing to create a truly failsafe system – after all, if it is to be coupled with a payment system, it is good that it is totally tamper-resistant.

Apple Watch Yoga Mode

Yoga is an excellent exercise. It’s not for me, I admit, but it’s great. The practitioners, then, will be happy to know that the next versions of the watchOS most likely they will support exercise in the activity list. Currently, yoga practitioners must include the practice manually, in the “Other” category, so the addition will be a hand in the wheel for many people.

Codes indicating addition of Yoga as Apple Watch activities

That said, yoga is an activity full of very specific and complex movements, so we still have to wait to see if this novelty will be incorporated into watchOS itself or only future versions of the Apple watch, with more specialized sensors.

Other HomePod sounds

In a beautiful exercise of metalanguage, as it could not be otherwise, HomePod also releases secrets about itself. We have already heard some of your standard sounds in this article, but now others have been properly published on YouTube by developer Avery Magnotti. We have sounds like alarm1.wav, timer1.wav and Lighthouse.wav – this third, we can only imagine the function.

Take a look (or rather, listen):

· • ·

What other surprises does the particularly loud Apple speaker still have for us? That, only the future will tell.